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Shopping List #1 October 27, 2011

Filed under: Homemaking — fullofhisgrace @ 4:44 pm

I know it can be difficult to remember everything you need when going to the store…so…I made a printable list of items that are pretty common…here it is!

Just copy and paste into a word document to make your trip to the store much easier.

I have to post these in different entries because it looks overwhelming in one….


Refrigerator Items::






_Pickle Relish





_Lunch Meat

_Cheese Dip

_Cottage Cheese


_Spaghetti Sauce

_Alfredo Sauce



_Soy Sauce

_Chicken Broth

_Cranberry Juice

_Orange Juice



_Lemon Juice


_Cool whip

_Tomato Juice

_Feta Cheese

_Pie Crusts

_Velveeta Cheese

_Shredded Mozzarella cheese

_American Cheese slices

_Parmesan Cheese

_Ranch Dressing

_Italian Dressing

_Cream Cheese

_Sour Cream

_Chocolate Chips







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