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Shopping List #3 October 27, 2011

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Portion #3 of the Shopping List…I know it seems really long, but really this has been a lifesaver for me!

Freezer Items::


_Frozen Cinnamon Rolls


_Frozen Bread Loaves


_Frozen Fruits and



Pantry Items::




_Baking Soda

_Baking Powder

_Corn Starch

_Chicken/Beef Boullion Cubes










_Peanut Butter

_Tea bags

_Corn Syrup

_Diced Tomatoes

_Shake ‘N Bake


_Mission Chips

_Peanut Oil

_Olive Oil


_Breakfast Bars

_Power Bars



_Vegetable Oil

_Pudding Mix


_Fruit snacks

_Dried Fruits

_Cream of Mushroom Soup

_Cream of Chicken Soup

_Ramen Noodles

_Worchestershire Sauce

_Nuts/ Sunflower Seeds

_Soy Sauce

_Cooking Wine







_Lemon Pepper

_Garlic Salt

_Seasoned Salt

_Onion Powder

_Baking Mixes



_Curry powder



_Pancake Mix



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