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Baskets November 8, 2011

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Hello Everyone-

Here is another organizational tip for November! Baskets! I am sure that everyone uses baskets for things, but I didn’t realize until this year how handy they can be. They hide everything! They are convenient for hiding things until I have time to put them away. This keeps my house looking nice and everything is gathered into one area. I LOVE this! I use baskets to store games, sewing supplies, books, Christmas things like tape/scissors/tags/ribbons, stickers, bathroom things like hairspray/rubbing alcohol/hairdryer/straightener/curling iron…

Baskets  make everything easier! I know this probably won’t help a lot of people because they already do this, but I just wanted to share how wonderful I think they are…

Here are some photos from Better Homes and Gardens that inspired me!

BHG makes everything look perfect! My house doesn’t look like that at all! I love looking at their website for inspiration when trying to come up with new ideas. So far, my favorite storage solution of theirs is baskets :). They can also be used in a pantry, fridge, freezer or anywhere! I even have some in my garage!

I hope this helped you today on your way toward an organized home!

Proverbs 31:27-

“She watches over the affairs of her household
and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

Blessings in Christ,


3 Responses to “Baskets”

  1. Fogleman Forerunner Says:

    I love the basket idea! Baskets are a fettish of mine. We have them all over the place, full of stuff. Somehow clutter just doesn’t look as cluttery if it’s in a pretty basket! I also love looking around for ideas for our house. Being an OLD farmhouse and in constant need of… help. Seeing other creative ideas helps encourage me with ideas to make our space work better for us. Thanks for posting the great ideas!

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  3. marusi4ko Says:

    Nice ideas :)

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