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Storage Methods November 15, 2011

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Hello Everyone!

I have been a slacker in my organization, unfortunately…
One of my favorite storage methods is glass jars. I love them because they are see through and because I think they look pretty. I like being able to see what is inside without ever opening it! I use jars in my bathroom to hold q-tips and bath salts and things like that. I use them in my kitchen to hold flour and sugar and salt and other things in my pantry. These photos from Better Homes and Gardens that inspired me to use jars. When I got married in June 2010, I became very interested in homemaking and making my home look nice. I was so worried about my husband liking our home! He really put everything into perspective for me one day when he said, “Jenny, I love our home, but home for me is anywhere you are.” I quit worrying so much about keeping the house looking perfect. It doesn’t need to look perfect. It just needs to be a place of peace. A place where we can live together and laugh and be comfortable. I love homemaking, but I don’t worry about it being perfect so much anymore! I feel a lot less anxious now too! Here are some wonderful jar pictures from BHG!

Blessings In Christ,



2 Responses to “Storage Methods”

  1. Angie Says:

    I LOVE glass jars, too. I’m not able to buy all matching jars, but a friend gave me a bunch of canning jars that I’m using for storage in my pantry. I agree – it’s great to see all that’s in there. PLUS, it keeps foods fresher longer than if they’re in plastic or cardboard containers/boxes! Great post! That pantry photo is awesome! :)

  2. Pam Says:

    Some day I’m going to post about my jars, because I just love them! I use them for dry food in my pantry (beans, grains, pasta), frozen food (berries, cooked beans, etc.) in my freezer, herbs in my “medicine cabinet,” as flower vases and yes, Q-tips, etc. They’re great for organization and pretty, too!

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