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Having a Girl’s Night December 1, 2011

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I love having girl’s night! Here are some fun ideas for food, games, and more!


1. Appetizers

This is delicious! –   1 container of Spinach Dip mixed with
Mozzarella Cheese to texture
-Sliced french bread – toasted on the stove top

Slices of ham with cream cheese spread wrapped around a pickle

Dip: for chips and veggies- 1 container sour cream w/ 1 pkg. original ranch seasoning
2. Egg Whites

Whip egg whites and use them as a facial. It is great for your skin and leaves it super soft!
You have to leave the mixture on until it tightens.

3. Manicures/Pedicures

4. Movies

Rent themed movies like (weddings, romance, action, adventure) or go see a movie in the theater!

My favorite lists:


My Best Friend’s Wedding
Bride Wars
The Wedding Date
Runaway Bride 


Fried Green Tomatoes
Steel Magnolias
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood


Rambo movies
Star Wars

5. Games

My personal favorites are catch phrase or last word. These are so much fun to play with a group of people.
Games that do not require anything but yourselves are the singing game. You go around the room and each person has to sing the first song that comes into mind when they hear the song before them. You cannot stop singing! I love it!



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