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7 Things… January 11, 2012

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Here are just 7 things you can do this week to make your house more peaceful, welcoming and comfortable.

1. Make sure there aren’t things sitting on the floor in any of the rooms if at all possible, like stacks of books, shoes, laundry, etc. It looks nicer if you can see the bare carpet and makes it look cleaner too!

2. Use lamps instead of overhead lights when possible. It creates a glow and it sorta hides those little messes too! This is wonderful light to use in the evenings because it’s so cozy.

3. Light candles. They smell wonderful and look pretty too. Just be sure to watch out for fire hazards!

4. Play praise music throughout the day and read the Bible together as a family. It creates a more peaceful atmosphere and reminds you to worship God all day long. Worshipping all day will really improve your attitude and the people in your home will notice. Music tends to tone down tensions and lessens stress.

5. Bake something! Everyone loves the smell of baked goodies, and when your husband comes home from work and that’s the first thing he smells, he will definitely smile! I love easy ingredient recipes like snickerdoodles or peach cobbler. They are fast so it doesn’t take long to make, and it makes your house smell wonderful. Also, almost everybody loves to eat dessert it is a great way to talk to people. If you don’t want to keep it, box it up and gift it to the neighbors!

6. Leave off your television. The television is okay if you are going to sit down and watch something every once in awhile, but having it on all day is not the right kind of noise for your house. It is never peaceful sounding and it just adds unneeded noise to your life.

7. Clean! Try not to leave dishes in the sink if possible, put away the piling up laundry, make the bed etc. Your home doesn’t have to be perfect all the time, just basically clean.

These are all simple things to do to improve the atmosphere in your home! I hope you try some of them this week!

Blessings In Christ,


2 Responses to “7 Things…”

  1. Mark Mathia Says:

    What simple yet profound advice. Thanks for sharing I especially like the suggestions about the lamps and baking. I will be sure to pass this on. Have a very blessed day!

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