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Technology & It’s Impact On Ourselves & Others January 14, 2012

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How are you using technology? I think technology has a huge impact on everyone! These days, text messaging is way more common than getting a phone call. These different forms of communication are faster, easier and more convenient yes, but are we losing something important in the midst of all the here and now? Relationships are more strained because people are more confident in their text messages or on Facebook. There are things said that normally would never be put out there. Picture messaging has caused problems with many teens because they are sending and receiving inappropriate pictures to one another. The different social networks are also getting people into trouble because of cyber-bullying. Boys and girls in grade school and high school are in constant contact with their boyfriend or girlfriend, which could have many negative impacts. Relationships grow faster than they should and this creates higher levels of emotion.

I was thinking today of all the things that technology has done for us…yes some great things, but also some that aren’t so spectacular. For instance, when we can be in contact with someone instantly, it doesn’t teach us to wait for things. We are used to being able to do things here and now, shopping online, texts, chat, skype, Google, etc. When you call someone and they don’t answer the phone, the first reaction you have is probably frustration…”Why aren’t they answering their phone??” Sadly, this is usually my first reaction as well. Our society is a fast-paced one. We don’t have to wait too long for anything, and I think this relates to every part of our lives.

What is all this technology doing to our relationships with others? Ask yourself these questions…

1. Am I spending too much time texting when I could easily accomplish the conversation over the phone in a couple minutes?

2. When I am with others and receive a text message on my cell phone, do I stop whoever I am speaking with to read and reply to the message and then when I am finished indicate for them to go on?

3. When I am at home in the evenings with my family, am I spending too much time on the computer or the phone to carry on a conversation with my loved ones?

4. When I write a paper for school or something else that would be considered formal, do I substitute text lingo for words. Yes, I have edited many papers like this I am sad to say.
Example: because becomes bcuz, too or to becomes 2, etc.

5. Is my usage of technology harming any of my relationships?

I think this is more of a problem than many of us realize. It is so easy to become wrapped up in this high-tech world. Our relationships with others should be a priority, not keeping up with every single person we know. It is also important to pay attention what we are saying in our Facebook statuses. What we say does influence people, and it is important to make sure that we are putting forth good things. Instead of posting negativity, post the positive things that have happened to you today. I was sad to get on my homepage on Facebook the other day and see that almost all the posts on there included the f-word. I do not appreciate foul language and felt like deleting friends who were posting these things just because I’m so tired of seeing it. Then I thought, if I delete them, they aren’t seeing my status updates which may turn around their thinking and even make them feel better. Be careful what you put out there because it does affect others. I don’t expect many people to agree with me on this, but I feel it is something that needs to be pondered. I hope this post has encouraged you to think about how you are using technology and whether you are using it for good.

Blessings In Christ,


3 Responses to “Technology & It’s Impact On Ourselves & Others”

  1. Jill Wiggins-Patterson Says:


    I am really enjoying your posts!! Keep them coming!!


  2. JoDee Luna Says:

    I agree with you. Technology is taking over my life as well. I’m trying to turn off my computer more, silence my phone, and enjoy my family. Thanks for sharing this important message.

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