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Daniel’s Prayers January 27, 2012

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Daniel 6:10 (NIV)
“Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God…” 

This week I felt led to create a Facebook group for a prayer challenge. The challenge is to stop and pray three times a day, just like Daniel did. I think this will significantly impact the people who commit and actively participate. God wants to hear from us. He wants to be praised! Get down on your knees and thank him, seep gratitude and wonder at his awesomeness!

Since I have begun stopping my clock for God, I feel peaceful and more sure of everything. I haven’t felt nearly as anxious as I typically do. Communicating with God is a MUST, and I am sad to say that many many people are not in the habit of taking time out to pray. I know that when I am praying, it is usually while I am in the middle of something else. I am not making it a priority to put my focus entirely on God. When we focus all our thoughts, our heart and our energy on him, we will feel better! I have also begun to notice God more throughout the day in all kinds of ways. I am more attuned to his hand in my life when I am determinedly communicating with him.

This challenge isn’t just to see if you can do it…it is to really build your life upon that unwavering rock and hold on with steadfast devotion! I feel that people will be able to see the change in you because when you are in communion with God, your insides start lighting you up on the outside! It is so wonderful to experience true peace in this world of uncertainty.

I hope that you determine to join in this challenge…start your own in your church, or with a group of friends, your family, or even people you work with. Hold one another accountable and encourage each other to take time out to pray.

If you decide to commit to the challenge comment on this post and I will begin praying for you on your journey to a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Blessings In Christ,


5 Responses to “Daniel’s Prayers”

  1. Yes! Focus is the key–to anything–but especially with God!
    You are a light, Jenny! Keep shining!

  2. Writing Jobs Says:

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  3. This is a great idea! Did you know 24/7 prayer houses are opening up all over the world? “Prayer missionaries” are people who get support so they can pray for 8 hours a day! What an awesome time we live in!

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