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Some Thoughts About Housekeeping February 18, 2012

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1. Listen to something while you clean like praise music, a sermon, the Bible on CD. It will really improve your attitude
and your desire to make your home clean and comfortable.

2. Maybe I should be ironing my drapes because evidently people notice those things, but I just feel like it is a waste of time.

3. Eating in different rooms of the house like bedrooms, living rooms, etc is a bad idea because
A. It is easy to forget dishes in other rooms.
B. It makes cleaning the house a larger chore.
C. Bugs and mice are attracted and harder to catch.

4. Yes, you can vacuum the windowsills…and it is wonderful!

5. File papers as soon as they come in or at your first possible convenience.

6. Don’t hold on to things just because you think you will need it later! Give it away or sell it. You will be happier with less

7. Check pockets before putting things in the wash! I learned this from experience when a blue ink pen exploded in the

8. Housekeeping should be something you look forward to, not something to dread! Make it fun for yourself if you hate it.
Give yourself incentives to keep on going like chocolate or a break!

9.  Just leaving the dishes in the sink only makes it harder to scrape the junk off later. Get them over with.

10. When you drop a lasagna on the carpeted kitchen floor, don’t panic use a spatula and then just soak the carpet in
in cleaner until it scrubs up nicely.

11. Clean with homemade products whenever possible…I use lots of borax, baking soda and vinegar!

12. If you have a family, involve them. Give them chores to do. This is great for training up children and teaching them
important life skills! It also helps to make a game of the work.

13. Make a schedule and stick to it- for instance, grocery shop on Monday, laundry on Tuesday, etc. I am bad at this, but
am definitely trying to work it out.

14.  Make a list and check off items as you go.

15. Do everything as though you were doing it for Jesus. Pretend He is coming to visit you at your home! Your home is a ministry in itself and you are the keeper of your home…let’s make it a hospitable home, fit for company!

Blessings In Christ,


4 Responses to “Some Thoughts About Housekeeping”

  1. Great ideas that are familiar in my house, especially trying to stick to a schedule! I find if I pray over my chores before I start that my attitude improves the fastest and my momentum lasts longer.

  2. desirayl Says:

    I love your list and when I am cleaning or taking care of the house I will either have music or I will sing along the way. For me I love housework don’t know why I do but I do. I guess I get a feeling of accomplishment done…Great list

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