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Another Thought About Marriage….(part 3) March 9, 2012

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One wonderful thing I have noticed in our marriage is that when I pay attention to my husband, listen to his stories and really care about things he is interested in, he really knows I love him. 

I am not saying that you have to pretend to love football just because your husband does, but I do think it is important to show interest in things that are important to him. Since we have been married, almost two years now (WOW!), I have learned many, many things about bow hunting, scouting, paintball, and concrete.

These are not all things I would normally look into myself, but because they are part of his life, I try to be fairly knowledgeable. I read the hunting magazines that come into the house before he does and can carry on an intelligible conversation about deer, bows, and scouting.

Your husband wants to know that you care about the things that mean something to him and that you take an interest in him. It is so nice to be able to talk about things that interest him. I think about that song Toby Keith sings...”I Wanna Talk About Me.” It is easy, especially for women to start talking about everything they are interested in and what is going on in their lives and to rarely ask their husband questions about their interests. I have not met very many men who talk as much as their wives. It is wonderful to be able to draw out your husband and really pay attention to his stories about their hobbies and such.

It strengthens the marriage relationship when both husband and wife feel valued, and here is one way to show it! So ladies, start asking questions and listening to the answers. It is nice to surprise your man later when you remember something he told you!

Blessings In Christ,


2 Responses to “Another Thought About Marriage….(part 3)”

  1. Eden Says:

    My husband and I literally just had a conversation on this subject. I was watching him play a video game and he said, you dont have to if you dont want to. But I did. And I actually started to find the story line entertaining!

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