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Ministry October 27, 2011

We have recently begun a new ministry and I hope to share Bible studies, activities, scriptural insight, and more…

I am going to post links to entries that pertain to ministry:

Humble Savior

Spiritual Check



Jesus Prayed…


Heart of Ministry

Why Worry For Tomorrow?


3 Responses to “Ministry”

  1. I have been posting my “daily encouragements” for about six months or so, and have been thoroughly blessed by the experience! I pray you, too, will be richly blessed by your endeavors for the Lord!
    I like the recipe thing, too! I love to cook! Simple things, mostly, but they are usually pretty good!

  2. Jenny,

    It’s Elizabeth Marks from ThinkOnIt Bible Devotions. I just want to inform you that our blog is moving to its own server. This means we have a new URL.
    Old Location: http://thinkonitdevotions.wordpress.com/
    New location: http://thinkonitdevotions.wordpress.com/
    As a loyal follower, I wanted to ensure you visit our new site and follow us from there.
    Hope to see you comment on the new site. Thanks for your continued follow.
    In His Grace,
    Elizabeth Marks
    Founder, ThinkOnIt Bible Ministries

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