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Prayer For Your Marriage March 13, 2012

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this life, for the gift of love, and the blessing of our marriage. We give you praise for the joy you’ve poured into our hearts through this love, for the contentment of family, and the happiness of our home. May we always treasure the experience of loving each other in this holy union. Help us to remain forever committed to our vows, those we made to each other, and to you, Lord.

We will need your strength daily Lord, as we live together with the goal of following and serving you. Develop within is us the character of your Son, Jesus, that we might love each other with the love he demonstrated—with patience, respect, understanding, honesty, forgiveness and kindness.

Let us always be a support to one another—a friend to listen and encourage, a refuge from the storm, and most importantly, a warrior in prayer.

Holy Spirit, guide us through the difficult moments of life and comfort us in our grief. May our lives together bring glory to you, our Savior, and testify of your love.

In Jesus’ Name.


–Mary Fairchild


A Place To Pray….A Family Altar February 26, 2012

I recently felt as though we needed a designated area in our home for God. He should be at the center of our lives and should hold a special place in our homes as well. I was reading a book this past week and it talked about establishing a family altar in the home. I LOVE this idea! A place in the home reserved just for Jesus. A place to pray together, read the Bible together, and discuss together. I think it is important to do these things all throughout the day and in many different places of the home, but putting together an altar is a way to draw your family together to worship, and a wonderful reminder of how you should be living daily. There are altars throughout the Bible and in churches everywhere. Why not have one at home too? I know we spend way more time at home than we do at church. Here are some pictures of our simple altar….

I placed a Bible box next to our family altar to make the Word accessible. Make your family altar part of your daily routine and place important emphasis on the time you spend there. We have been reading two chapters of the Old Testament and one chapter of the New Testament each evening, then discussing them and then praying together. It is wonderful to worship God together as a family and if you have children to show them the way through example. They learn from watching parents…think about what you want them to take away from you as they grow and mature into adults themselves. Set your sights on things not of this world, but focus on that which is spiritual! Be set apart!

Blessings In Christ,


The Fallen-ness of Earth February 22, 2012

S-i-n. Such a tiny three-letter word that stands for so much. The separation from God, the exile from His presence. Three little letters that hold so many in bondage that keep them from grasping the salvation promises. Sin comes in so many forms and it is so sneaky. Are you aware of all the sin in your life? Have you examined yourself lately? Ask His forgiveness. Repent and draw ever closer to the Father. Banish the sin from your life and let Jesus heal you from the damage it has done. It is never too late to turn your life around and begin living for the Lord…

When you think, or speak, or read, or write,
When you sing, or walk, or seek for delight,
To be kept from all wrong when at home or abroad,
Live always as under the eyes of the Lord.

Whatever you think, never think what you feel
You would blush, in the presence of God to reveal;
Whatever you speak in a whisper or clear,
Say nothing you would not like Jesus to hear.

Whatever you read, though the page may allure,
Read nothing unless you are perfectly sure
Consternation would not be seen in your look,
If God should say solemnly, “Show Me that book!”

Whatever you write, though in haste or in heed,
Write nothing you would not like Jesus to read;
Whatever you sing, in the midst of your glees,
Sing nothing His listening ear would displease.

Wherever you go, never go where you’d fear
God’s question being asked, “What doest thou here?”
Turn away from pleasures you’d shrink from pursuing,
If God should look down and say, “What are you doing?”

-Excerpt from God’s Ideal Woman by Clifford Lewis

Blessings In Christ,


New Methods January 7, 2012

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I was recently looking through the Women Living Well blog by Courtney and found some wonderful tips for studying and applying the Scriptures!

Currently I pick one or two verses a day and write them down in my journal. Then I write my interpretation of them and what they mean to me. Then I typically write a prayer or thanksgiving at the bottom of the page. I have also started writing what category the Scripture falls under off to the side so I can make a reference!

Courtney introduced me to the SOAP method, and I LOVE it! It is very helpful when thinking about how Scripture applies and it is a slow process, which I love. I tend to fly through my study and that does me no good at all! This is forcing me to slow down and look at and process what I am reading….here is how you do it!

S- Write out the verses (1-2) that you are going to study.

O- Write out observations about the scripture

A- Applications, how will you apply this in your life?

P- Prayers

I cannot believe I’ve never heard of this method until now! I hope some of you find this helpful in studying the Scripture. I know I do! Thank you Women Living Well for the wonderful tips!

Blessings In Christ,


Bible Study December 28, 2011

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Hello everyone!
I teach a Bible Study class at my church and at times it has been difficult to come up with a lesson topic. There are so many things to cover that it can feel overwhelming, so I made myself a list of topics that it would be beneficial to cover in class. My class is comprised of high school and college students…

  • The Fruits of the Spirit
  • The Gift of Salvation
  • True Love
  • Foul Language
  • Drinking/Drugs/Smoking
  • Tattoos and Piercings
  • Wisdom
  • Baptism of the Water and the Word
  • Healing
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Are Ghosts Real?
  • Demonic Possession vs. Demonic Oppression
  • Discipleship
  • The Cost of Discipleship
  • Servitude
  • Gratitude
  • Friendship
  • Marriage
  • Dating Relationships
  • Foundations of the Bible
  • Biblical Persons
    Examples: Noah
  • Book Intensive Study
  • World Religions
  • Religious Tolerance
  • Cross Bearing
  • Crucifixion
  • Resurrection
  • Ascension
  • Sin
  • Repentance
  • Nature
  • Creation vs. Evolution
  • Communion
  • The Nativity
  • Self-Esteem/Self-Image
  • Relationships With Parents and Siblings
  • Abstinence
  • Modesty
  • Obedience
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Exercise/Health/Wellness
  • Spiritual Challengers
  • Women of the Bible
  • Men of the Bible
  • Role of Men/Role of Women In Society
  • Prayer
  • Application of the Scriptures

There are so many more ideas for lessons, but this list is something to go to when I’m feeling stuck. It is also nice to take different perspectives on the topics. For instance, Creation vs. Evolution could be separated into two weeks and viewed scientifically as well as Biblically. I hope these ideas help someone in need of a good Bible Study topic!

Blessings In Christ,